7 Cyberpunk 2077 side missions you shouldn’t skip

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There are a lot of side missions in Cyberpunk 2077. As your journey with V and Johnny Silverhand unfolds, you are faced with a flood of requests from Fixers and other main characters.

There are some side missions that are an integral part of the main story and help flesh out the word. Other missions help reveal V’s personality and make their character more realized. Depending on how important these things are to you, you may want to invest some time in completing some side missions. Cyberpunk 2077.

It won’t all be so impactful or rewarding for you. In an open world game at the scale of Cyberpunk 2077, this is only natural. However, we have described some quest lines and side missions that are worth your time and effort.

It should be noted that towards the end of the game, you will receive the Op55N1 Night mission. This acts as the game’s point of no return. All side missions can be banked as they are not urgent. However, if you want to complete any of the side missions on our list, you will want to do so. before start of Nocturne Op55N1.

* SPOILER WARNING! A few light narrative threads will be discussed below. *

Find Skippy

It’s an unnamed side job that you can find in the open world. Take a short drive to Vista Del Rey and head down an alley to find a corpse. Next to the body is a pistol with a very unique property. The gun comes with an AI named Skippy.

This weapon is one of the most powerful in the game and she really appreciates Rihanna’s Disturbia for some reason. Players can choose Skippy to be a passive weapon or a lethal weapon. However, after 50 kills, he will change his behavior to be the opposite. If you want the smart gun to perform headshots, choose pacifist mode first and allow it to switch later.

Pyramid song

This side mission can be acquired at the very end of the Judy Alvarez questline. This will require you to complete both sides, now, Ex-Factor, Talkin ”Bout A Revolution and Pisces. During this mission, you can join Judy for a little trip to her childhood home.

What sets this apart from all the other missions is that it takes place underwater. The area Judy grew up in has collapsed and is submerged. Judy and V wear their suits and swim to investigate the ruins.

There isn’t a lot of action in the mission. Pyramid Song is more of a character between V and Judy, crowning their relationship. If you’re playing as a woman, this will be the time when you can romanticize her. Thereafter, your relationship with Judy will be solidified.

The entire Panam Palmer questline

Panam is arguably one of the Cyberpunk 2077the best characters. Aside from being one of the game’s romance options, V and Panam are a vibrant duo. You’ll have the chance to meet her for the first time quite early in Act 2 as you hunt down Hellman during the main story.

Then the Panam questline will open. As a member of the Aldecaldos pack, Panam has faced scrutiny from the leader of the group. In a bid to redeem herself and do what is best for her people, she strikes to save her nomadic tribe from incoming threats.

The small series of side missions available through Panam is quite convincing. They will often lead to fiery shootings. During the last Queen of the Highway mission, V and Panam intervene to take control of a Basilisk tank. This is a truly unique piece, as the tank can facilitate the Raffen Shiv raid. You’ll also catch Panam’s Overwatch sniper at the end of his questline.

The hunt

This mission is entrusted to you by River Ward. After you complete I Fought the Law, River will call you to meet with him for an investigation. The Hunt is perhaps the darkest storyline in Cyberpunk 2077. You will accompany River in his quest to find his missing nephew. This will then result in the hunt for a deranged serial killer who has kidnapped other young members of Night City.

The Hunt is reminiscent of a buddy-cop mission, just without the settlements and sarcastic banter. It involves a lot of research for clues and incorporates Cyberpunk 2077Braindance’s game system is quite heavy.


You will receive this mission naturally by going through the main story. At some point during Act 2, Wakako Okada will contact you and ask you to meet a character named Bill Jablonsky. After a date with Bill, the two of you will travel to locate a character named Joshua. You will then have the option to kill or spare Joshua Stephenson, a murderer.

Sparing Joshua will open Sinnerman’s secondary post. Here you will accompany Joshua for a little while. As you speak with Joshua, you begin to realize that he is a born again Christian and wishes to do penance for his misdeeds.

Sinnerman’s multi-part discussion thread explores what religion looks like in the Cyberpunk world. It discusses morality and how the Corpos exploit anyone and everyone to turn them into a commodity. It’s a pretty engaging thread to follow. It culminates in one of the most significant endings of a side mission Cyberpunk 2077.

Chippin ‘In

The dynamic between V and Johnny Silverhand is a focal point in Cyberpunk 2077. The two can have a love-hate relationship that is often overflowing with frustration. Johnny can be quite punctual in many engagements. However, the Chippin ‘In mission is really going to explore his human side.

Chippin ‘In is available at the end of Cyberpunk 2077the story of. Agreeing to help Johnny find Adam Smasher will then guide you through the early stages of this mission. You’ll connect with Rogue and search for Smasher together. Through the mission, you will acquire some of Johnny’s old belongings. By donning Johnny’s clothes, you will look like an honorary member of the Samurai. Additionally, you can also get Johnny’s Porsche 911, one of the best vehicles in the game.


This is probably one of my favorite side missions in Cyberpunk 2077. Heroes deals with the aftermath of The Heist mission, which goes horribly wrong for V and Jackie.

Playing through the Heroes mission was the moment V clicked for me as a character. Their budding relationships with various characters in the story really stand out during this mission. It’s very slow and character-driven. As it revolves around a funeral, V opens up in many ways. This is where you get the first real sense of who V is other than a mercenary on the streets of Night City. It’s a very human moment with great dialogue and great storytelling.

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