6 tips to boost your YouTube channel and videos

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Find out how to improve your YouTube channel with great advice on channel branding, structured content, and more.

As YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet, it’s no surprise that all types of channels try to master their YouTube marketing skills.

In order to reach more subscribers, you need to make sure the content on your channel is engaging and engaging. Read on as we explore smart and effective techniques that will help you improve the quality of your YouTube channel.

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1. Targeted video content

A very effective method of driving traffic to your channel and increasing your audience is by using specific topics and / or unique keywords. Using SEO best practices is crucial for the success of your YouTube channel and will allow you to maximize your attractiveness.

There are some great keyword tools online that will help you identify the most searched keywords related to your content. Additionally, it will guide you to structure your content based on this information.

By identifying your keyword or a specific topic before creating the content, you are focusing your mind on a particular goal. It is useful to watch more videos on this topic to see if you are on the right track. This will allow you to learn what the competition has to offer and give you the opportunity to add your own style to it.

Keywords should always be used naturally in your content so YouTube can identify it when closed captions are included. Always make sure your title and descriptions are optimized and keep your video 5 minutes or less.

2. Rework existing content

A sure-fire way to build your YouTube channel is to create fresh and innovative content. The content you create, however, does not need to be produced from a blank canvas. Many YouTube channels are very successful in retouching their existing content for relevance.

While your content can be useful, engaging, and offers tremendous value, there are ways to isolate sections of that content that provide a perfect platform for creating additional content. Most YouTube users visit the site for answers and how-to guides that help them solve a myriad of issues.

Evaluate your content written on other platforms and identify existing topics that you can cover in a short video. Make sure your video has innovative, engaging content that adds value to people who take the time to watch it. This will ensure that your existing subscribers stay engaged and that people who discover your content see it as valuable and are happy to subscribe to your channel.

3. Interact with your viewers

YouTube in its essence is a social media platform, and as such, you should always make sure you engage with your audience. Social interaction with those who digest your content is essential. It is of paramount importance not only to regularly post engaging content, but also to actively engage with those who view your content.

Positive comments and encouraging discussions are great ways to grow your channel with the YouTube community. Additionally, YouTube is known to reward channels that interact with their subscribers. Some of the categories that YouTube rates are Watch Time, Comments, Likes and Dislikes, and Overall Time Spent on your Channel.

It would be wise to respond to every comment posted on your platform and get users to use audiovisual prompts to engage. Always post content that encourages users to engage and make sure you follow their engagement.

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4. Mark your channel

Many YouTube channels have incredibly valuable content but often don’t catch the right numbers. Indeed, their platforms have very little visual appeal. In order for users who visit your channel to subscribe, you need to look professional by personalizing your channel. This will inspire users to take your channel seriously and immediately identify your content.

If you have an existing branding on other platforms, it should be relatively easy to incorporate that branding into your YouTube content. You can also create a unique branding element that identifies with your channel. Your branding will subconsciously be associated with the quality content you provide, and your users will develop trust in your brand.

In addition to your visual branding, it is essential that you add custom URLs to your channel header. In addition, your bio is very powerful and you need to include fascinating words about yourself and the content of your content.

The beauty of social media is that users can promote their content on different social channels seamlessly. By promoting your YouTube channel and its content on your other social media platforms, you can quickly grow your audience and increase your subscriber base.

The most popular social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram provide a fantastic base for spreading your channel. If you have your own blog, this is also a great place to share your content.

Some social media platforms allow you to post a teaser of your video with a direct link to your YouTube channel. This encourages more traffic to your channel and increases the chances of users subscribing.

6. Use attractive thumbnails

Many YouTube channels underestimate the power of thumbnails over their content. Thumbnails, in fact, have a huge impact on the users who choose to view your content. Whenever your videos are advertised on YouTube, they appear in the sidebar as a thumbnail. Your miniature should be unique and stand out from your competition.

Even if a user is not on YouTube and is searching the internet, your attractive thumbnail is bound to rank higher because you will experience higher click-through rates on YouTube. Some great ideas for increasing your click-through rate include using arrows, large text, unusual images, and highlighted sections.

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The bottom line

When looking to boost your YouTube channel, you need to make a concerted effort and commit to improving your current offering. While it may seem like a daunting task when trying to carve out a niche for yourself on a platform filled with competition, the techniques we’ve discussed provide the perfect blueprint for your success.

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