6 best wind speed measurement apps for Android and iOS

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How many times we encounter terrible weather conditions in autumn and spring… Sometimes you should just go out on a windy day, and you are already starting to get blown away by strong gusts of wind.

Cold drafts prevent ordinary people from walking peacefully on the streets. Not all weather apps give you accurate data on the wind speed near you – some people just miss this information, others don’t even try to verify the validity of the data.

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In order for you to be able to do your business in peace – walking, playing sports on the street or planning a picnic, you need to know the strength of the wind. Some sailing enthusiasts also need precise data on wind gusts and their speed.

We have selected for you the 6 best wind speed measuring apps for Android and iOS, which provide users with the most accurate information on all weather conditions outside.

1- WeatherFlow wind meter

Usually the wind speed is measured by a special device – an anemometer. The WeatherFlow app will be the portable device that will help you get accurate wind speed data anywhere and anytime. The app uses your device’s audio jack to get the data and display it for you on the screen.

The developers note that this wind speed measurement technology is not compatible with all devices. Basically, WeatherFlow is designed for smartphones that have been launched recently and are advanced in the field.

Wind is measured in different units – meter / second, km / h, etc. – there is even a Beaufort scale. WeatherFlow can measure not only wind speed but also wind direction, but it should be noted that the direction will not always be precise and reliable.

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2- Wind Speed ​​Meter anemometer by SameBits

Wind Speed ​​Meter anemometer
Wind Speed ​​Meter anemometer

Wind Speed ​​Meter is another app which can measure wind speed along with the noise it makes. Using your smartphone’s microphone, the app receives data on wind noise, and all the data received shows you on the screen.

There have been experiments with the Wind Speed ​​Meter app, which has shown that the measurement error with it and with the real anemometer is small.

A prototype device measuring wind speed and direction will be displayed on your smartphone screen when using the application. Wind Speed ​​Meter is not intended for scientific experiments and precise measurements, but it is perfect for those who want to know all the parameters of the wind.

In order to get accurate data you will be able to choose your smartphone model in the app – in this case the Wind Speed ​​Meter will calibrate the microphone and the data will be close to the real thing.

3- Zephyrus Lite Wind Meter

Zephyrus Lite Wind Meter
Zephyrus Lite Wind Meter

Do you want to get real-time data? In this case, the Zephyrus Lite app can help you. It functions as a quality anemometer that provides users with data on wind speed and direction. Most importantly, the app is completely free and available for download for every user.

In Zephyrus Lite, the range of one meter is limited to standard data – from 1 to 20 m / s. Normally, the wind speed does not exceed these values ​​- but there are other limitations. The microphones of most devices will not be able to detect stronger bursts.

Additionally, Zephyrus Lite has a built-in compass that shows the wind direction on your screen. Graphics, data – everything will be displayed on your smartphone screen in Zephyrus Lite on a timeline. So you will see which pattern of wind gusts increases or decreases.

4- Windy.app: precise local weather and wind forecast

Windy.app is one of the popular service for getting weather data all over the world. It is perfect for people whose activities or projects are really dependent on the speed of the wind outside.

You can use Windy.app not only as an app but also as a home screen widget. It will be constantly updated on weather data nearby or in your favorite places.

Wind data can be viewed not only at the present time. The Windy.app archive contains all the information from 2012, so it will be suitable even for researchers.

The most accurate and detailed forecast the user receives in the app – wind speed, direction, gusts, precipitation and much more. Windy.app is loved by all athletes who practice yachting, kiteboarding and sailing.

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5- Anemometer – Wind speed by Elton Nallbati

Anemometer - Wind speed
Anemometer - Wind speed

If you are using an iOS device and want to try a tool for measuring wind speed, Anemometer is a great choice for you. It has an excellent but simple design which simulates a real device. No matter where you are, you can get accurate real-time wind data over the Internet.

In order for Anemometer to get all the data, you will need to turn on location. The indicators are taken from the nearest weather station, so you can consider them reliable.

If you are not interested in the wind where you are now, but elsewhere, simply find it on the map in the Anemometer app and the data will immediately appear on the screen.

You will also need to choose in advance in which format you will see the information – a total of 5 blocks of digits in the app. Save your favorite places in the anemometer and you will have access to them every second.

6- Windy.com – Weather radar, satellite and forecast

Windy.com may be known to you by another name – Windyty, but it is the same service. It became popular thanks to the weather forecast viewer feature – you can literally see what the weather is like right now anywhere in the world.

For this reason, Windy.com is used not only by ordinary users, but also by pilots, paratroopers, military headquarters and many organizations.

You will be presented with a map on your smartphone screen during use. Which card to choose is up to you. In total, Windy.com offers 40 different visualizations of the weather – wind, rain, temperature, pressure and many other indicators.

All the images are animated and may even mesmerize you – don’t be surprised if for a few minutes you will only be observing how the cyclone is moving.

Also note that the Windy.com service provides some of the most accurate weather forecast data for the near future – when you use it you will always know how your weekend in the wild will be.

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A lot of things can depend on the weather. If you are into sports such as surfing, skydiving, and many more, you just need wind speed data. You can get them in different ways, but without a special device your abilities are limited.

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In such cases, the best option is to use your smartphone. Special apps will give you the data from the nearest weather station or measure the wind speed using sensors.

Either way, you’ll get the most accurate speed around and be able to plan for the day. We hope that our article has been useful for you as we have selected the best applications for measuring wind speed so far.

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