6 best Android apps that will help you quit smoking

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There is never a better time to quit smoking than now. These six Android apps will help you on your way.

Smoking has serious effects on the health of the human body, but due to the addictive nature of nicotine, it can be difficult to quit smoking.

These apps help you track your smoking and the money you’ve lost, and suggest steps you can take to stay nicotine-free. Here is a list of the best Android apps to help you quit smoking.

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1. Flamy

Flamy - stop smoking and become a non-smoker

Flamy has several features to motivate you to never smoke again. After setting up your profile and quitting goals, you can start using the app. You can include personal information such as how many cigarettes you smoke per day, the cost of a pack, your age, and how many years you’ve smoked.

The app offers a wide range of tips to help you prepare to reduce your addiction. If you want to take on this challenge with your friends, they can bet against you to see who will go smoke-free the longest.

It’s easy to track your daily smoking habits and the money you save with the user-friendly interface. You can also add your emotions and any alternative activities you are doing to quit smoking. It is a simple to use application to help you control your desire to smoke.

Download: Flamy ( Purchases free in-app available)

2. Smokeless

Smokeless: Reduce or quit smoking
Smokeless: Reduce or quit smoking

The Smokeless app is easy to use. It allows you to keep track of every cigarette you light.

While setting up the app, you can create your schedule where you choose how many cigarettes you smoke, how many you target, and how long you plan to stay tobacco free. You can end the program at any time and start when you are ready to continue. stop your habit .

If you only want to track your daily tobacco consumption, this app has a simple interface for your daily use.

To download : smokeless (free)

3. Smoke Free

Smoke Free - Stop Smoking
Smoke Free - Stop Smoking

The main feature of Smoke Free is the timer which shows you how long you haven’t smoked a cigarette. It also has health features that assess your improvements in areas such as oxygen levels, breath, gum texture, and circulation.

With this app you can count how much of your money goes towards the purchase of cigarettes in the year. The app also has a Wall of Fame that ranks users on the number of days they go without smoking. It will remind you of the progress you are making and your goal to quit smoking.

This app also has a stop coach with which you can check in every day. While support is essential to your quitting, you will need to pay to access it. However, you can take notes on the journal feature to see how your cravings decrease over time. To view the analysis graph, you must complete at least two log entries.

Download: Smokeless (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Stop smoking

Stop Smoking Assistant
Stop Smoking Assistant

Stay up to date with your quit smoking goals on the Quit Tracker app for Android. This app tracks the money you spend on cigarettes and the days you stay smoke free. It offers information on how your overall physical health improves as you stay smoke-free.

Combine this app with a heart rate monitor app to monitor your heart health over time. Quit Tracker is more fun because it’s the only app on this list that offers a game to distract you when you crave a cigarette.

You will also get rewards the closer you get to the stop. This motivation goes a long way in keeping you on track to achieve your goals every period. With statistics of your progress readily available, you can quickly gain insight into your growth.

To download : Quit Tracker: Quit Smoking (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Stop smoking

Не курю!
Не курю!

After entering your personal data like age and gender on the Stop Smoking app, you can start using it. The additional information you need to enter includes the number of cigarettes you smoke per day and the money from your income that goes to smoking.

Like the other apps on this list, you can analyze your health and how your body recovers every day you decide not to smoke. You can also interact with a community of supporters to achieve your goals. It’s easy to update the posts on your community journey, but only premium members can post in the chat.

You can also set timely alerts to show your progress and take tests to see how much you depend on smoking to get through your day. Redirecting your energy into healthier habits can be a great way to help you quit and stay tobacco free.

To download : Stop smoking (Free in-app purchases available)

6. Chantix

Chantix - Quit smoking
Chantix - Quit smoking

Although the Chantix app doesn’t have a lot of reviews, it is a reliable app to help you cut down on smoking. As usual, start by filling in your personal data and statistics on your smoking habits.

With a classic white interface, this app is easy on the eyes and easy to understand. The ‘Find Doctors’ feature allows you to find a specialist near you, while the analysis section allows you to track how much money you are spending and track the progress of your journey to quit smoking. good.

The app also calculates the number of lives lost each time you smoke a cigarette, to give you more reasons to quit the bad habit.

To download : Chantix (Free)

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Stay nicotine free with these Android apps

It is not easy to give up habits like smoking even after experiencing the negative effects on your health and finances. With these Android apps, you can take charge of your trip and be responsible.

These apps keep track of the cigarettes you smoke, their effects on your health, and the expenses you incur. The motivation, guidance and support from these apps will help you remember your quit smoking goals and stay focused.

The Flamy and Quit Tracker apps are easy to use, with the Quit Smoking app having the most features to help you on your trip. If you want a minimalist application, Smokeless or Chantix will suit your preference.

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