5 ways to edit PDF online

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Most tools like Microsoft Word or Excel allow you to easily create PDFs from Word document or spreadsheet. Everything changes when it comes to editing PDF files. Because the same tool that helped you create one turns out to be useless when you need to fill out a PDF. Fortunately, there are many online PDF editors that make editing very easy. So we just have to move on.

1. Edit the PDF for free online via DocFly

DocFly is a comprehensive tool that combines a number of editing tools such as text eraser and highlighter, adds text, images and signatures, and the ability to move text from part of the document to another.

Besides the usual editing methods, it also has a fantastic merge tool and PDF to Word or image converter. To use this PDF editor, you just need to download the document and choose the appropriate editing method. DocFly is free, however it is limited to 3 documents per month. So if you only need to edit a few documents, this is the perfect tool.

PDFZorro is another good alternative. Its compatibility is fantastic as it is compatible with all major platforms including smartphones. It is fast, secure, and offers an easy way to edit PDF files.

Speaking of editing techniques, it lets you add pages and text, write freehand, or export PDF to Word or Excel file. Besides, it also allows you to add some pages or letters between the existing pages.

3. Program to edit PDF online for free via PDFescape

PDFescape offers a unique solution for adding sticky notes and annotations to PDF files. However, the real power of this tool lies in its page editing tools. Users will be able to empty an area of ​​any page, crop or insert any shape of HTML fields like checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.

If in case, the document is a little sensitive, you can still protect it with a password. The only downside is that PDF files have to be less than 10MB or less than 100 pages.

4. Correct the PDF via FormSwift

FormSwift not only lets you edit existing documents, but also create PDF files online. And it’s not just a Simple PDF, you can have your choice of models from its extensive library. To date, FormSwift has helped create over 16 million documents worldwide.

Its best feature is the signature panel which allows you to type, draw or download signatures, whichever way is easiest and most convenient for you.

Also, while editing, users can insert text, images, checkmarks, and then save and update or email the document at any time.

5. The best online PDF editor: Sejda

Sejda is the mother of all online PDF editing tools. If you’re up for some serious PDF work, its huge library of features is sure to put a smile on your face.

Whether it’s rearranging pages in PDF, splitting PDF, or converting PDF to any format, this amazing tool takes care of your work. In addition, the editing process is very fast. Sejda also offers a desktop version for small businesses.

In conclusion

These five tools should help you do most PDF editing jobs. However, if you need to edit PDF files frequently, a desktop tool will help you get the job done better. So which free online PDF editor do you use to edit your files?

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