5 tips for frequently crashing Windows 10

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Although it is not usual for computers running the Microsoft operating system to suffer from serious problems, sometimes they can experience irregular episodes. If this happens to you and your computer shuts down at some point, it is better that you take action about it, otherwise your user experience will be completely cut short. We teach you 5 tips for the case of a Windows 10 locked this will solve the problem.

Indeed, these are alternatives that you must manage when you end up with a Windows 10 frozen frequently, situations which keep repeating themselves preventing you from using the computer, Whether or not there is a blue screen of death, this phenomenon that scares us so much and is also known as BSOD.

Windows 10 locked, what should I do?

Disable PCI-Express power saving feature

Power saving mode in Windows 10 is always on the list of items that cause unexpected crashes or errors. And it doesn’t make sense that this is the case if you don’t take advantage of it, so better to deactivate:

  • Right click on the Start icon
  • Select power options
  • In the Power and standby window, choose Additional power settings
  • To open the energy-related parameters, click on Edit plan parameters
  • Then select Change advanced power settings to open the other settings
  • Finally, go to the PCI Express section and disable it in Settings – Power Management
  • Disable the automatic restart feature in Windows 10

    the Automatic restart of Windows 10, which can become active by default, from time to time it will be the culprit of these stops that we evoked, it is thus necessary to take care to neutralize it:

  • In Start, open the Control Panel
  • In this section, switch to View mode: large icons
  • Once you find it, select the System item
  • Inside, go to the Advanced System Settings tab
  • Now in what are the properties select Advanced and click on Settings
  • You will see the Startup and Recovery window, so go ahead and uncheck Automatically restart
  • At this point, you’ve already made sure that automatic restart is not helping Windows hang.

    Clean up junk files from your PC

    Over time and daily use, waste gradually accumulates in our computer and hence it is convenient clean up debris or residue every few weeks:

  • Open this PC on your computer
  • Right click on drive C:
  • When the options menu opens, select Properties
  • In Properties, go to the General tab and click on Free up space
  • Disk cleanup will then begin, which will take a few minutes, depending on the case.
  • What is interesting is that Microsoft itself is in charge of analyze what is a trash can and what is not, so facing a Windows 10 stuck, this is a good way to use its features.

    Use an antivirus

    Since viruses can be one of the many causes of this problem, then we will recommend that at the urging of this one, download and install a good antivirus on your computer.

    While the effectiveness of antivirus has been questioned lately, and Microsoft’s security systems have improved a lot, this can undoubtedly be a good answer at specific times.

    By removing any viruses that exist, you will increase your chances of fixing the problem.

    Increase virtual RAM for Windows 10

    Increasing the amount of virtual RAM in Windows 10 is a not so common but very practical option to help your computer improve performance. And you don’t have to be a specialist, just follow these steps:

  • Right click on This PC and go to Properties
  • Select the Advanced System Settings tab
  • There, select the Performance section and navigate to Advanced
  • You will see the Performance Options window appear
  • In virtual memory, you need to click Edit
  • Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size on all drives
  • Choose a custom size to configure the virtual RAM as you want
  • The secret is, of course, that you choose sizes larger than the default and suitable for your PC.
  • Indeed, in general, Windows 10 has a function of automatic adjustment of virtual RAM depending on your computer configuration. Therefore, we need to modify these settings to improve this section.

    In doing so, we will allow the virtual RAM to be more important and the computer to have more room to use it.

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