5 chat apps to meet new people

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It is certain that with the pandemic and the series of confinement that followed, loneliness has taken over for many of us. Of course the family is always present but the hope of reconnecting with all our relatives is growing. And why not to meet new people? It is possible to get acquainted with people who share the same interests than you on the chat apps – or chat if you prefer English pronunciation.

Of course there are the famous dating apps but if you want only make friends, then the 5 Android apps below are worth a look. And when the confinement is over, why not get to know In the flesh?

5 chat apps to make new friends

  1. Amino: Communities and Chats

    Amino: Communities and Cats

    Amino is a little like a social network but with thefocus on common interests. You can search and join communities of all kinds for participate in conversations that take place. In addition to this, you can also receive alerts relative to new discussion topics, it’s handy for keeping up to date.

  2. Discord

    Discord: The ultimate voice chat

    If you are a gamer, you probably know Discord. The origin of the app is indeed to be able chat in real time with friends when you play online. But over time, Discord has evolved a lot and is considered a consumer app with some dedicated lounges to particular themes. It is also possible to associate your social media profiles to do further knowledge.

  3. Paltalk

    Paltalk: the chance of a video encounter

    This app offers a very wide variety of themes. And if you can’t find what is important to you, you can start your own salon. It is possible to chat in HD video like FaceTime But also in private when there are several members connected. The focus is above all on chats with strangers, so if it’s new dating that interests you, Paltalk is for you.

  4. Whisper

    Whisper: to chat on the sly

    The originality of this application is theabsolute anonymity! With 30 million members, this characteristic of the cat has attracted many more than one. So you have a wide choice of lounges for discuss frankly. If you wish, you can also share more information in private if you want to get to know a little better with your new friends.

  5. Skout - Meet, Chat,

    Skout – Meet or Chat?

    Skout is another very popular application to chat with strangers, or chat as they say in Quebec. You will be able send feedback or photos to others community members. The advantage of this App is undoubtedly thefilter tool nearby. To get to know each other in the flesh after having become friends. So several options in this selection but no doubt new friends in the end.

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