5 best smartphones to come in 2021

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Want to buy a new smartphone this year? But wait, because there are plenty of awesome phones coming this year that you can get one of the best devices of 2021 from. If you don’t know the upcoming smartphones, don’t worry. Here we have to tell you about the 5 best upcoming smartphones of 2021.

We can expect other phones with similar functionality, but some of the features given below are just amazing. Check out the list below and share your thoughts on smartphones.

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5 best upcoming smartphones of 2021

1. OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to launch in March 2021. It is said that the phone may bring in Leica-branded cameras which can offer excellent performance compared to other devices. The handset will ship with the SoC Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm’s flagship product, and will run Android v11 (Q). It will have 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM.

This device will bring great specs, which will make the OnePlus 9 Pro a versatile phone. The expected price is around Rs. 52,990.

2. Redmi K40

Xiaomi Redmi K40 is an attractive mid-range smartphone that offers powerful features. There are other devices in the same price range that don’t offer the camera module, like the Redmi K40. The device will have 64 GB of storage. The display comes with a 2K AMOLED display, and it might feature the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset as well. The Redmi K40 smartphone is expected to launch this month. The price is said to be Rs. 23,990.

3. Realme Race Pro

Realme Race Pro is considered to be one of the best devices with built-in features. This is the first premium flagship product offered by Realme. The device will come with 125W fast charging stand with a QHD OLED display. It will be a 5G smartphone. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about this phone as it also features Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888 chipset. However, this phone could launch later this month, but first it will be available in China.

4. Mi 11 Pro

One of the most anticipated phones of this year is the Mi 11 Pro. It is expected to feature a 200 MP main camera sensor, and it will be the first device in the industry. The Mi 11 Pro is also expected to offer 120x zoom functionality. If so, the phone could become a benchmark for other phones. It is also said that this phone could offer fast wireless charging of 80 W. In addition, the launch of the Mi 11 Pro is expected this month.

5. iPhone 13 Pro

This year, Apple is early enough to bring in a new device, as few leaks indicate that the iPhone 13 Pro could feature a notch-less design. The iPhone 13 Pro will feature an under-screen fingerprint sensor and offers up to 1TB of storage. The planned launch date is September 2021.

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So here are some of the upcoming smartphones for 2021. We’ve provided some details now; once the smartphones are out we will provide you with all the details.

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