5 best phone trackers for extra security on Android and iOS

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Make sure your family and friends are safe with these privacy-conscious GPS apps.

Losing your iPhone or Android device is no longer the end of the world. These GPS-based solutions each bring their own benefits to the table, whether you need to make sure your family is safe or you often misplace your smartphone at home.

Whatever your mobile platform, you can have the best phone trackers on the market at your service. The following items keep your security and privacy in mind.

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1. Glympse

This company aims to improve the customer experience, especially with delivery services. Among their many solutions that use location sharing technology is Glympse, a simple application for both business and personal use.

You can broadcast your location to a chosen recipient or ask someone to do you the favor. This is the main function of the phone tracker, but it also allows you to add messages, speed, metric units and even specify how long the app should share your location for.

Whether your priority is safety or convenience when booking an appointment, for example, Glympse is a good choice. Not only because it’s one of the easiest apps to use, but you can also be sure of its reliability, given that it’s already a key tool for professionals on the go.

2. Life360

If you are looking for many extra features in your phone tracker, Life360 is a better choice. Designed for close circles, like family and friends, the app lets you connect with everyone when needed.

Thanks to a good GPS system and a detailed global map, alerts between circle members are quick and accurate.

In addition to sharing locations, you can contact each other in the event of an emergency like an injury or a car accident. Interestingly, the app can even monitor and keep a log of a user’s driving, including top speed and total mileage.

Equally valuable is the SOS button. Whenever you don’t feel safe, you press on it. Once released, you have 10 seconds to enter a PIN code before an alert is sent to circle members and emergency services. The latter feature is only available to Gold members, but could be a lifeline alongside other smart apps and devices for emergencies.

Membership-based restrictions are a downside of Life360. However, depending on how much you want to invest in and withdraw from the app, it can make a big difference to your connections and security.

  • Download: Life360 for Android | ios (free in-app purchases available)

3. ISharing

This is another app with a lot to offer, especially to a group of people. It can notify you of various things, from when related people leave a location to where they are at a particular time. It also works as a walkie talkie, allowing you to exchange messages quickly and for free.

iSharing also comes with its own panic alert. You can press the button on the screen or shake your smartphone. Both methods notify group members within seconds.

It doesn’t have the wide range of services that Life360 provides, but provides the essentials that any family might need. You benefit from efficient and user-friendly GPS that cares about your peace of mind and well-being. This ticks the right boxes of what the best phone trackers are supposed to do.

Download: iSharing for Android | ios (free in-app purchases available)

4. Find My (IOS Only)

On busy days, it’s so easy to put down your mobile and forget where it is. Phone trackers are particularly useful here. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll come across a lot of location sharing software, but on iOS 13 or higher you’ll have access to the new and improved Find My app.

For best results, make sure your devices are GPS trackable. If so, all you have to do to track any of them is go to another device and check the Find My interactive map. Additionally, you can ask the lost iPhone or iPad to make a distinctive sound or display a message for whoever finds it.

Even if your phone is stolen, you can take security measures, such as locking it remotely or erasing its contents. Losing that essential tablet doesn’t mean you have to worry about its information falling into the wrong hands. Just make sure everything is backed up before erasing everything.

Along with a lot of cool ways to use Find My, the app offers friend tracking features. You can all stay on each other’s radar through your phones, assuming the devices are compatible and you want to be found.

Get permission before you start following people, even friends and family. Keep this in mind when looking for the perfect phone tracker.

5. Find My Phone Whistle (Android Only)

Besides serious and complicated programs like these, there is this fun but no less useful app. Think about all the times you were in a rush and couldn’t find your mobile anywhere. Now you can just call it and it will bark.

Only available on Android, Find My Phone Whistle allows you to choose a sound that your device should make when you summon it. Basically if your phone is not active but the app is on, whistle and it will respond with a chime, laughter, animal noise or whatever you want.

There is also a flashlight option so that the device can guide you there in the dark. The more you explore, the more interesting tools you will discover.

The main problem with Find My Phone Whistle is the constant ads, but you can get rid of that with the VIP version. It also unlocks additional content. On the other hand, sticking to the free side of the software gives you enough services to make it worth it.

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Choose The Best Tracking App For The Situation

Choosing the best app depends on why you are browsing phone trackers. Life360, for example, would be suitable for a busy family or a group of traveling friends because of its many services to keep you safe. Find My Phone Whistle, however, is for people who lose their phone too often and want an easy way to find it.

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