5 best Kizomba dance and music apps for Android and iOS

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Do you know anything about kizomba? If you think kizomba is a Latin dance, you’re not quite right. Kizomba is also a genre of music! Kizomba first appeared in Angola about 40 years ago. Thousands of people have fallen in love with this dance and this music.

Have you danced on the Kizomba? If you’ve never tried it, you should try these romantic, passionate, and delicious dance moves. We have compiled for you a list of 5 Kizomba apps that will introduce you to dance and music.

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1- Kizomba To Go ™

Kizomba has a healing effect on the body. Learn to dance Kizomba with this app. He’s a great Kizomba trainer. You will master Kizomba in just a few lessons. The application offers several levels of lessons. Start at level one and learn the basics of kizomba.

If you want to continue your Kizomba education, you will need to purchase Level 2 and 3 training for real money. You will be able to explore the depth of the emotions that are transmitted in the Kizomba dance.

The app has 2 experienced Kizomba mentors. They will teach you everything they know about Kizomba. You will learn the basic techniques and steps.

Many people say that in order to learn Kizomba, you have to take group or individual lessons. This is not entirely true. Sometimes, due to lack of time or our location, we will not be able to attend Kizomba classes. We recommend these online tutorials which have been tried by many people.

In addition, the first lessons are free! You can understand whether you like Kizomba or not. Each video has detailed instructions describing each move. The developers want to create the most convenient online learning method for Kizomba.

The amazing thing is that Kizomba To Go ™ works offline! This means that you can learn Kizomba anywhere and anytime.

Now, more on leveling up Kizomba. The first level contains 10 videos with fundamental knowledge. The second level has 12 advanced levels. The third level contains 13 videos with professional knowledge about Kizomba. Each level has 6 months of material!

The app has an intuitive design. You will be able to learn not how many steps you take, but how you take them. Put your heart in every step to show all your emotions through dancing. Your soul will fly with Kizomba music.

The techniques are simple. Your task is to keep pace. The app has a lot of positive reviews. It only takes about 5MB! The developers create additional Kizomba materials. Download this app and you can become a professional Kizomba dancer.

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

2- Kizomba .io (Official)

Looking for Kizomba events but can’t find them? This app will help you do that. Kizomba .io (Official) is a huge Kizomba platform that brings together music, dances and events from the world of Kizomba.

You can also find new talents and resources to explore Kizomba. It’s kind of a Kizomba community. You will no longer need to spend hours on Google searching for information on Kizomba. Everything will be in one application.

What will this application include? First of all, it’s a huge database of tutorials. You can easily learn Kizomba in just a week. Regular practices will help you master Kizomba skills faster. The app offers text and video tutorials.

Each step will be explained to you. The app offers over a hundred Kizomba videos of professional Kizomba dancers. The app has a large collection of Kizomba videos. Enjoy watching professional dancers dance.

You can also learn by watching professional performances. Kizomba .io (Official) has a superb Kizomba music library. Listen to the Kizomba singers and explore the feelings they convey in their songs.

If you would like to purchase Kizomba merchandise, you can do so directly in the app. He has a store. You will be able to purchase tickets for Kizomba events. Download this app and take the challenge.

The kizomba steps are straightforward, but that doesn’t mean the dance is usually straightforward. Everything depends on you. How are you going to dance? Will you need to express all your emotions in a dance? You shouldn’t worry about who is watching you. Just dance! Enjoy!

The application weighs 30MB. It does not run in the background. Try Kizomba .io (Official) and you will know all the latest happenings in the world of Kizomba.

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

3- kizomba dance ringtones

Kizomba ringtone
Kizomba ringtone

This app is a huge collection of Kizomba ringtones. You will find pieces that appeal to you. The application contains almost all songs of Kizomba from Angola. Listen to songs from the 80s, 90s, 00s as well as modern tracks.

You will also be able to find instrumentals of your favorite songs. Use them for your karaoke nights. Set ringtones for calls. You can download personalized ringtones for each of your friends and family members. You will always know who is calling you.

If you are a dancer, the app will also come in handy. Find Kizomba dance music. Add your favorite songs to your favorites list to always have quick access to them. The app is free and allows you to download all Kizomba songs.

The app contains advertisements, but this does not affect the performance of the app in any way. Kizomba is a very romantic genre. Let the music fill in the gaps between you and your partner. If you do everything right, the Kizomba magic will begin.

Kizomba will help you find privacy, and the music in this app will make your privacy romantic and personal. Don’t hesitate to dance with Kizomba. This app is one of the best Kizomba music libraries.

kizomba dance Ringtones has a simple and intuitive design for a standard music player. You can search for songs by title, date and artist. The app will allow you to quickly share your favorite tracks with your friends. It only takes 6.7MB.

Install it and join the vast community of Kizomba music lovers. Kizomba is not just a dance, but it’s also amazing music and a whole culture! Kizomba will shine in your heart thanks to this app.

4- Kizomba Domingo

Kizomba Domingo
Kizomba Domingo

Would you like to be informed of all Kizomba events? Download this app and you will always know what is happening in the world of Kizomba. It’s a great event browser. The app is in partnership with the Kizomba community in Amsterdam.

You will know all the news of Kizomba. Configure push notifications and the app will notify you immediately. You will be notified of the start of ticket sales and discounts. The app will notify you of the latest Kizomba music and video.

You can become one of the first owners of the Kizomba Domingo party ticket. If you love Kizomba, you must be passionate and bloodthirsty. The app will also give you information about Kizomba dance classes. You will be able to learn to dance Kizomba and stop hearts.

In addition, the app will show you photos from past Kizomba parties. We warn that the app is suitable for people over the age of 17 as you may see scenes of explicit content intended for adults.

The design application is like a poster. You will see posters of all the events. Open the calendar and the app will show you the dates of the concerts and dance parties. This is useful when planning the week and month.

Each video contains information about the artist as well as the number of views. If you have any questions, you can write to the help desk. You will receive an immediate response. The size of the app is 76MB. Download Kizomba Domingo and you can enjoy the spirit of Kizomba anywhere and anytime.

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5- Kizomba music radio

Kizomba radio
Kizomba radio

Love Kizomba music but don’t want to download it? Then install this app. It’s a great radio with tons of Kizomba music. Hundreds of radio stations are waiting for you. The application is free. It also has Kizomba shows.

You will be able to understand the difference in Kizomba music. African Kizomba has a slightly different rhythm than Latin Kizomba. You can get to know Kizomba’s cousin. It’s Tarraxinha. It’s a passionate genre that looks like Kizomba.

This kind of music has a little melody and a lot of rhythms. The Tarraxinha dances are not centered on the steps but on the proximity of two bodies. Add the best radio stations to your favorites list to always have quick access to them.

Kizomba Music Radio has a comfortable design. Plus, it hardly has any ads. Nothing will stop you from listening to your favorite Kizomba music. The app also has an age limit. It can be used by people over 17 years old.

Kizomba Music Radio is only 6.6MB in size. Download it and join over 10,000 Kizomba fans. This passionate genre of music and dance will allow you to discover the personality that is hidden in you.

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