5 best internet browsers for Android

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On Google Playstore, you will discover many applications that can be used on Android. Among the most important are internet browsers. They allow you to browse the web, read or view videos and audio files online. Therefore, they must be chosen with performance, speed and safety. So what are the 5 best internet browsers on Android that you should know about?


One of the most recent Android internet browsers, Brave has some great features. Indeed, it allows above all a smoother and faster navigation on Internet. Its biggest advantage, however, is its integrated component which is nothing but an ad blocker.

Surfing the internet all day long is essential for most smartphone users these days, Brave also offers optimizations for speed and battery life. A completely free application, the brave web browser is discovered without in-app purchase or ads during its use. But best of all, it offers more security and better protection of user privacy.

Google chrome

Indispensable, the Google Chrome internet browser remains one of the best applications for browsing the web. Used by a large number of Internet users, as well on PC as on a tablet or a smartphone, it is more distinguished by its regular updates. Thus, Google Chrome is constantly improving its various parameters of use, such as its download speed or user comfort.

But what remains the greatest asset of this internet browser is its ability to sync a whole lot of data with various other devices. In addition, it also has Google voice search, the search method you can perform using your voice.

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Mozilla Firefox

As timeless as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is also improving with the updates made to it. With the Quantum update, moreover, the browser has strengthened in terms of stability, speed, but also security. A new user interface has also been integrated for better convenience. Regarding synchronization, Mozilla Firefox also allows all user data to be synchronized in cross-platform mode with excellent privacy controls.

Always so easy to use while being more versatile, this internet browser on Android also offers its many users its own catalog of extensions including thousands of additional modules which you can install at any time to benefit from more features on your smartphone. .

5 best android internet browsers tips


Opera is one of the very first compatible browsers on a mobile. It is very easy to use and very quick to browse the web in optimal comfort. What distinguishes it more from other internet browsers on Android However, there remains the presence of its ad blocker and integrated cookie windows.

This offers an even smoother browsing experience while saving your smartphone’s battery significantly. But better still, its integrated VPN also offers Internet users the possibility of browsing in incognito mode. One of its major assets is also its possibility of customization. Indeed, it has a personalized news feed that allows its users to subscribe to the various sources of information that might interest them.

Samsung Internet

Having become a real competitor to Google Chrome, Samsung internet is also now being installed on all smartphones with Android. This browser from the South Korean manufacturer is currently among the best Android browsers. It thus stands out for its new features, including night or high contrast modes, features that undeniably improve the user’s level of reading comfort. Besides, it also features swipe gestures, a faster menu, but also plug-ins and various control elements. Material Design, so many parameters that offer better use of the application.

With its dedicated download interface, you are free to download your documents and videos while having access at any time. You can also take advantage of its content blocker management interface for your security and the protection of your privacy. Without a doubt, it is an excellent choice as a web browser on Android!

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