5 best automated call blocker apps for Android

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No one likes robocalls and they are very difficult to block. Try it out with the best automated call blocker apps for Android.

It’s no secret robocalls are horrible and no one likes them. You can receive these calls at any time of the day, they are scams almost universally and are hard to stop. Here’s the worst part: There is no way to stop 100% of all robocalls or telemarketer calls because businesses are constantly changing tactics and it is often difficult to keep pace. That said, you can minimize disruption. Those who receive relatively few automated calls may be able to get rid of them altogether for a while, just know that there are no absolute guarantees.

Keep in mind that most of these apps require a number of permissions. Those who are reluctant about such things should probably stick with carrier apps as they already know your personal information. With that said, here are the best automated call blocker apps for Android.

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The best automated calling apps for Android


Price: Free / $ 1.99 per month / $ 10.99 per year

CallApp: Caller ID, Spam Blocker & Recorder

CallApp is a caller ID app with scam blocker feature. The app also includes automatic call recording (on some versions of Android), a caller ID, and a blacklist feature to block numbers you don’t want to see. The robocall feature showed me when a scam caller would call much like most android phones these days. It’s a full choice and the subscription service isn’t that expensive. You could definitely do worse, and the secondary features are pretty good as well.

Call blocker by Fiorenza Francesco

Price: Free / $ 1.99

Call blocker - incoming and outgoing
Call blocker - incoming and outgoing

Call Blocker is one of the best and cheapest free automated call blocker apps. Call blocking is about everything this app does and it does it effectively. It claims to block telemarketer and robocalls on your behalf. In our testing, it actually blocked most of them. It works by essentially blocking any phone number that is not in your contact list. You can turn it on or off in case you expect a call from a number you don’t have. It’s simple, efficient, and it works for free, although there is a charge of $ 1.99 if you want to remove the ads. This one is really good and you can even block all calls if you want if you just don’t want your phone to ring.


Price: Free / $ 2.90 per month / $ 9.90 per year

Contacts & Phone - drupe
Contacts & Phone - drupe

Drupe is a popular, multi-service contact and dialer app. The app has a lot of features including call recording (on some versions of Android), integration with other apps like WhatsApp, etc. There is also a built-in blocking feature which works quite well for fraudulent callers. You can blacklist numbers or block anything that is not in your contact list. This is an effective method that blocks all fraudulent callers, but it also blocks anyone who is not on your contact list. You can turn it off if you are waiting for a call. It’s a bit pricey monthly, but the yearly subscription isn’t that bad.


Price: Free / $ 4.99 per month / $ 39.99 per year

RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker
RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker

RoboKiller attempts to automatically block robocalls. Most of the others on the list had a manual element, but not this one. It’s also just an automated call blocker app without a ton of extra features. The filter here is actually very aggressive. It blocked almost every spam I received, however, that wasn’t all – it also blocked some calls from places and people that I didn’t want it to block. It even sent a call from someone from my contact list to the spam folder once. You can turn it off, but there is a timer that turns it back on. It is also very expensive. Would only recommend it if you don’t mind the very aggressive tactics and the above average price. It works and is fine, but if you don’t mind the manual approach, you can achieve a similar effect for a lot less money.

Stop calling me

Price: Free / $ 1.00 per month / $ 4.50 per year

Stop Call Me - Call blocker
Stop Call Me - Call blocker

Stop Call Me is one of the most unique auto call blocker apps. It maintains a community spam caller list. The app downloads a copy of this list to your phone and blocks all calls. You can also configure it to block on a schedule, based on your contacts, or using a blacklist. In practice, this works as well as Call Blocker, but with an automatic element that sometimes helps. Of course, like all automated call blocking apps, there are new numbers every day, so not all of them will be blocked. The annual subscription service is also much cheaper than its competition and much better value for money than its monthly plan.

Bonus: Carrier-Based Automated Call Blocker Apps

Price: Free / Varies

T-Mobile Scam Shield
T-Mobile Scam Shield

Most US carriers have an automated call blocker application. T-Mobile and Metro call it Scam Shield, Verizon calls it Call Filter, and AT&T calls it Call Protect. These apps all basically do the same thing. They harness the power of your carrier to determine whether a call is a fraudulent call or not. I have Scam Shield from T-Mobile and it blocks the vast majority of calls without my intervention. The advantage of using them is that operators have access to better information than app developers, so it’s a bit more consistent. We recommend these first and only the others on the list in case your carrier doesn’t have something like that.

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If we missed any great auto call blocker apps for Android, let us know in the comments.

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