5 best alternatives to Shazam on Android in 2021

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The best alternatives to Shazam on Android

Heard an amazing song on the radio or at a club, but can’t remember the name or the lyrics, so you can find the song? Well, chances are you are using Shazam to identify the song. Although there are several ways to identify songs, Shazam has to be the most popular solution. While Shazam is definitely a great music identification app, it does come with its fair share of issues. First of all, the app is so feature rich that it can literally delay even the most powerful smartphones. Honestly, you might not even find all of these features useful to begin with. So if you are looking for a simple and easy to use app to identify the songs around you, then here is our list of the best Shazam alternative apps.

  • SoundHound
  • Genius
  • Musixmatch
  • MusicID
  • Soly


SoundHound - best alternative to Shazam

SoundHound is the first app on a list that says “the best alternatives to Shazam”. It’s Shazam’s biggest rival, and any argument as to which app is better is never settled unanimously. SoundHound lets you use your hands free and just say, “OK Hound… what’s this song?” And the app will recognize the song for you. You can also press the orange button to tag songs and see the lyrics live, play the video, share, stream or buy the song. You can ask questions such as “What’s Taylor Swift’s last song?” And even hum the song if it stays in your head, all hands-free and the app will identify the song.

With SoundHound, you can add songs to Spotify and also easily search, discover and play music. Charts, weekly songs, videos, artists, musician, artist biographies, etc. are other features of SoundHound.


Genius: Lyrics and Music

Genius - SOCAN words and music

Genius is also one of the most popular and top rated apps for identifying a song. Not only can it identify the song for you, but it will also show the lyrics and the official music video (if available). Once the song is identified, you can choose to share it through other apps or play it directly on your phone using Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Genius also allows you to manage your account on the platform, with which you can interact with others. You can share your discovery or discover other new songs and albums. On top of that, you can also use Genius to check out the most popular tracks and play them directly through the app of your choice.


Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch Lyrics

Musicxmatch is a music player, but it is also able to identify music, among other things. Its main feature is delivering lyrics and it has one of the largest lyrics databases on the market. To identify the music, you actually need to press “Identify Lyrics” and the app will just identify the song for you. It is amazingly quick in identifying music and also provides you the live lyrics of the current song, so you can sing along. On top of all that, you can also create LyricCards and explore artist bios, including the newest and best tracks.




MusicID is one of the best music identification apps. Identifying songs is quick and you just need to press the microphone button on the app to start it. Once identified, the app will provide you with full song details, along with YouTube videos and similar songs. You can purchase the song from the app itself through iTunes or Amazon and share song information with friends. It has a clutter-free interface and a perfect combination of options available to the user.


Soly – Find a song and lyrics

Soly - Find a song and lyrics

Soly is one of the best alternatives to Shazam currently available. As you can see, the app has a simple and colorful interface. As soon as you open the app, you will see the option “Identify” the song directly in the center. Tap on it, and Soly will connect to the ACRCloud database to extract the result for you.

After identifying the song, Soly will give you the option to listen to it on YouTube or share it with your friends and family through other third party apps. You also have other options such as lyric search etc.



Here are the 10 best alternatives to Shazam on Android. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. You can also consult this guide where we have shared the best music players for android.

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