5 Apex Legends tips to help you win solo

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With the update of the chaos theory, Apex Legends continues his excruciatingly slow crawl towards a suitable single player mode. The update will add a no-fill option, which means players will finally be able to drop out without a team, albeit in normal duo or trio lobbies. With that in mind, here are some basic tips to help you win solo games in Apex Legends!

Choose the right legends

It goes without saying that you should use captions that you like and are comfortable with. However, some Legends are strictly better for single player play than others. Octane is a notable example, as it has a good combat success rate but a low team win rate, which means it is best used in solo. Conversely, Legends with medium-focused kits like Gibraltar and Lifeline are not a good choice for your games without infill.

Drop safe

As a solo player, you can practically drop anywhere and still find enough loot to equip yourself properly. My advice to you is to find good low traffic areas and make them your home base.

Use burst damage weapons

When playing solo against teams Apex Legends, you need to be able to hit players quickly to level the playing field. Your ideal engagement starts with taking down an enemy player before their team has even spotted you. For this purpose, you should always carry a high burst weapon like a Mastiff, Scout or Longbow.

apex legends mastiff peacemaker
Keep one handy for close encounters. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

Get ahead in the ring

In solo, you should always aim to be in the next ring first. This way you can ambush people approaching the area, rather than ambush you. Playing as a Reconnaissance Legend helps.

Playing dirty

The odds are stacked against you if you gamble Apex Legends solo. The game isn’t fair, so why should you play it this way? To win you will have to be a ruthless opportunist. As many as you can, ambush third parties as they attempt to spawn their teammates, and feel free to camp. Find yourself a hard-hitting sniper rifle and stake out squads of locations that will inevitably end up, keeping an eye out for choke points and bridges.

Depending on your choice of legend, there are a number of inventive ways you can be mean. As Loba, you can set up your Black Market Shop in a beautiful open spot as bait, then jump onto a nearby rooftop to watch your trap. With Caustic or Wattson, you can make accessing Respawn beacons more difficult (since you won’t be using them yourself.)

There are many more ways to be painful for everyone when soloing Apex Legends – have fun discovering them!

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