4 ways to change your Android fonts

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Want to change the font of your Android device? Here are several ways to do it (and how to find nice fonts in the process).

Want to refresh the look of your phone? A new policy can help. And in addition to personalization, changing the font can also improve both readability and usability.

With Android, there are several ways to change your font style. To help you learn how to change fonts on Android, we’ve broken it down into four methods. We will take a look.

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1. Change Your Font Style In Android Settings

For those looking for a built-in option, try changing your font from your device settings.

Not all phones can do this, and the exact path will vary depending on the model and Android operating system, but the general rule is to go to Settings> Display, then search for a mention of the font style or type.

For example, on Samsung Galaxy devices, the default path is Settings> Display> Font and screen zoom> Font style . Then you can press to select a font, see the immediate change and select Apply to confirm your new selection.

You can also press Download Fonts to visit the Samsung Galaxy App Store. Here you can navigate between free and paid fonts. Once installed, they are immediately ready for use.

In contrast, on a Google Pixel 3 XL, you head to Settings> Display , then click Styles and Wallpapers rather than the usual font option. From here you can switch between the predefined styles and their respective fonts.

Whatever your device and operating system, just keep the general route in mind.

2. Exchange Fonts With Launcher Apps

If you are not a fan of your system default fonts, you can always change your font. By downloading and testing different Android launcher apps, you will expand your font pool for free.

Action Launcher

When it comes to launchers, Action Launcher offers one of the easiest experiences to get started. To access the settings, use one of these methods:

  1. Swipe left to view an alphabetical list of apps, and select Action parameters .
  2. Swipe up and select Action parameters in the list.
  3. Tap the application list button, and then choose Action parameters .

Once in Action Settings, navigate to Appearance , then scroll down and select Police . Action Launcher offers eight fonts to choose from, with five Roboto font variations included.

Download: Action Launcher (free and premium version available)

Nova Launcher

As with Action Launcher, Nova Launcher gives you almost immediate access to its launcher’s settings.

When you open Nova Launcher, Nova Settings relies on an otherwise blank home screen. From there, it’s as easy as tapping the icon. Or if you’ve already customized your launcher, tap the app list button to select Nova Settings at the top.

However, unlike Action Launcher, the exact path to changing your fonts is not so clear. First, select the app drawer Then icon layout .

Once there, tap the slider to activate the label . Finally, you can choose from the drop-down menu under Police . Nova Launcher only comes with four fonts, but it allows you to change the font size, color, shadow effect, or limit text to one line in one menu.

Download: Nova Launcher (free and premium version available)

GO Launcher

To access GO Launcher settings, there are four methods:

  1. Slide your finger up and select GO settings .
  2. Swipe down on the home screen and select GO settings .
  3. Press the application list button and select Preferences .
  4. Slide your finger to the left to access the shortcut bar. Tap the three-dot icon, and then choose GO settings .

Once inside, press Police and choose Select font . GO Launcher comes with five default fonts, but it also lets you search for fonts on your device. This will search for downloaded fonts and extract them from other apps you have installed.

Download: GO Launcher (free, subscription available)

3. Use Custom Fonts Apps

If you don’t want to use another launcher, Android users also have the option of using font-specific apps. If you are looking for specific font use cases, these can prove invaluable.


While you can normally adjust the font size, Embiggen’s selling point is the actual size of the text, regardless of the word count. If you want to show someone text from afar, you can’t beat Embiggen. Since it’s ad-free and minimalistic, it’s an incredibly easy way to be seen.

Download: Embiggen (free and premium version available)

Cool Fonts For Instagram

If you can handle the ads, Cool Fonts for Instagram has an all-in-one font changer for social media apps. It features over a hundred fonts and you can create a pop-up overlay to easily change fonts in different applications.

As the name of the app suggests, it puts a special emphasis on Instagram. As well as letting you copy fonts for your posts, it also has a separate feature that lets you create or choose from templates to personalize your Instagram bio.

Download: Cool Fonts for Instagram (free and premium version available)

4.Change Fonts After Root Your Device

For those who really want to open their font options, it is also possible to change your fonts by rooting your Android device. Since rooting opens up control of your device, it’s easy to download fonts and install them.


When it comes to a root app, iFont provides a robust library of fonts to choose from. These aren’t limited to English either as iFont offers thirteen different language categories.

If you are not ready to root your device, you can also download the app and preview all available fonts. iFont will also attempt to install them without a rooted device, but they will show up as incompatible.

However, when you are actually using a rooted Android device, iFont makes the installation process painless. Just follow the onscreen prompts:

  1. Download a font that interests you.
  2. Press on To define on the font preview page to install the font.
  3. Press on okay on the prompt screen.
  4. Select Install to complete the process.
  5. Change to your favorite font.

Download: iFont (free)

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How To Change Fonts On Android

Depending on your needs, there are different degrees of customization when it comes to font changes on Android. Regardless of what you think you need now, each method can prove useful over time.

Don’t feel like you have to root despite the number of options available. You can still enjoy a personalized Android police experience without the risks. All you have to do is decide which font to choose.

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