4 Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files For You

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Have you deleted a file and need to recover it? Here are some apps like Recoverit for Android that actually work!

Android does a decent job of making sure it doesn’t delete things by accident, but it still happens. If you accidentally delete an important file or photo, it may be difficult to find backup copies or restore data on your own. When this happens, you can use an app to recover it.

We have tested some of the most popular Android file recovery apps.

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Beware of fake apps

There are many bogus apps on the Google Play Store. These predatory apps often charge a fee and generally cannot recover your files.

But that doesn’t mean that recovering deleted files and photos is impossible. We have tested over a dozen file recovery apps to find which ones work. The testing process consisted of creating an easily spotted “test” image, then trying the following:

  • Delete the file from the gallery (send to the Trash folder in the gallery)
  • Deleting the file from the Gallery Trash folder
  • Deleting the file with the Recycle Bin disabled

These four applications are the ones that could locate and restore the lost file.

1. Dumpster

Recycle Bin Dumpster - Recover Deleted Photo

Dumpster was the most impressive file recovery app we tested. He was able to locate and restore the deleted image when it was sent to the Recycle Bin folder, and when it skipped Recycle Bin and was deleted outright. It also does not degrade the image quality.

Best of all, the Recycle Bin feature captures everything from documents to music files. The only thing we couldn’t find with it was deleted text messages, but there are other ways to get them.

Dumpster is simple and easy to use, and although it offers a premium version, you don’t need to pay any fees to recover lost files. Premium features allow you to use Dumpster as a file backup service, as well as store unnecessary files on your phone.

Download: Dumpster – Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery (free, subscriptions available)

2. Undeleter Recover files and data

Undeleter Recover.  docs & images
Undeleter Recover.  docs & images

If you have successfully rooted your Android device, Undeleter is your best option to recover lost files. If your phone isn’t rooted, it can still find cached copies of files that haven’t disappeared from your phone, just backed up in hard-to-find places.

On a rooted phone, Undeleter recovered our deleted test files no matter how hard they got from storage. No application is fully guaranteed, but Undeleter is reliable and comprehensive. It can recover many different types of files and leaves no part of your phone without searching.

On a rooted device, Undeleter can search everywhere, greatly increasing your chances of recovering a lost item. Rooting your device, however, can make you vulnerable to security risks. Do not root your phone just to use this app. But if it’s already rooted, Undeleter is a great option.

Download: Undeleter Recover Files & Data (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Recovery software

Recovery software: Recover Deleted Files
Recovery software: Recover Deleted Files

The recovery software looks almost identical to some of the scam apps, so be careful. Although its interface is the same, this version actually worked in our tests. He easily recovered our test file from the recycle bin. It also recovered the file which skipped recycle bin.

This application reliably recovers video, audio and image files. However, it will not search for documents or other types of files, so it is better to keep cloud backups of them.

This app extracted old files that we couldn’t find in the My Files app. Looking at the results, it appears that this app can find photos deleted in apps as well as those saved in gallery, documents and other normal places. This can be a good option if the file you lost was deleted a long time ago.

Download: Recovery Software: Recover Deleted Files (free)

4. Data recovery

Data recovery: disk digger, recover deleted data
Data recovery: disk digger, recover deleted data

Data recovery, or Photo APK Backup as it’s called the icon, has given us mixed results. The application was able to locate our green “Test” file in the recycle bin, as shown in the screenshots above. But he couldn’t find it when deleted from the recycle bin, and he couldn’t locate the version that skipped the recycle bin.

Besides, it only recovers deleted photos and does not search for documents, music files or other data. But Data Recovery has extracted an impressive amount of photos and files that we weren’t looking for.

It located photos and files that we couldn’t find using My Files on SD card and internal storage, so if you’re trying to track down something you had a long time ago, it might work.

Download: Data recovery: disk digger, recover deleted data for Android (free, subscriptions available)

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Deleted files can be recovered

With an app that knows where to look, you have a better chance of recovering deleted data. However, these apps don’t work for everything. Unfortunately, in some cases, what is gone definitely is – and the more you use your phone after deleting a file, the less likely you are to get it back.

This is why it is so important to keep backups of your important files.

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