3 simple tips to take advantage of the best discounts

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The French Days are looming. The end of September will see commercial operations multiply to the delight of consumers. The major supermarket chains are already announcing record discounts in order to limit the damage caused by the Covid health crisis. One more reason to better prepare for this event to maximize savings.

Are the French Days 2020 promising to be interesting?

The countdown is on, in a few days the launch of the next French Days will take place! The perfect time to take advantage of unbeatable discounts on many high-tech products, household appliances or to redo your wardrobe at a lower cost.

Inspired by the American Black Friday organized every year at Thanksgiving, the French Days were initiated in France by several major e-commerce sites: La Redoute, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Cdiscount, RueDuCommerce and Showroomprivé. Since then, many other brands have participated in the event. Last year, electronics enthusiasts were spoiled with the Apple McBook Air 13 ” 128 GB at € 850 instead of € 1,100.00 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 offered at € 499 instead of € 700. This year, given a drop in activity due to the health crisis, there is no doubt that the discounts should be even greater.

How to get the most out of discounts?

The next French Days are indeed announced for the period from September 25 to 28, 2020. You only have a few days left to prepare for it and spot the items that will end up in your basket. But in order to be sure not to give in to the temptation of an impulse purchase that could put your budget at risk, some advice is in order:

1. Make markings.
Find the products you want to buy now and write down their prices. You can quickly compare the discounts offered on D-Day. Indeed, some brands do not hesitate to artificially inflate their prices a few days before the French Days. By planning ahead, you can be sure you are paying the best price.

2. Register now on e-commerce sites.
Stocks are sometimes very limited and you need to be able to quickly validate your basket so as not to miss out on certain promotions. By registering in advance on the e-commerce sites on which you plan to make purchases, you will save precious minutes for the validation of your basket.

3. Beware of fake bargains.
As recalled a survey by Capital magazine, some discounts offered during French Days are not as attractive as they first appear. To be sure of getting a real good deal, do not hesitate to compare the offers by using the application and the services of sites like Kimbino.fr. They centralize all the online catalogs published by your favorite stores so that you can easily find out about the offers available.

Whether you are looking for a new television, clothes at the cutting edge of the trend or designer furniture for the arrangement of your interior, the French Days will allow you to indulge yourself at a lower cost. Every year, the stores compete with each other in daring and ingenuity so that you can indulge yourself without breaking the bank. Thanks to the insane discounts offered during the French Days, you can prepare for Christmas and spoil your loved ones while preserving your finances.

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