3 reasons why Facebook suspends advertising accounts

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If your Facebook Ads Manager account breaks certain rules, it will eventually be banned from the platform.

There is no doubt that Facebook is an essential channel for any digital marketer. With millions of people on the social media site, it’s ripe to find, engage, and convert the perfect customer for almost any brand.

However, Facebook is also known to have suddenly banned advertiser accounts without any warning. There have been several horror stories of digital marketers who suddenly woke up with locked Facebook Ads Manager accounts, unsure if they could ever regain access. Not only does this result in wasted hours of work, but it can also impact sales.

But why exactly is this happening and can it be avoided?

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Why Facebook bans ad accounts

There are dozens of potential reasons why Facebook ad accounts are banned. However, most of the reasons fall into three categories: non-compliance with instructions, poor customer experiences or questionable advertiser profiles. Let’s talk about each.

1. Failure to comply with community rules and rules relating to announcements

When it comes to guidelines, Facebook has a ton of them. In general, Facebook does not endorse anything illegal – including counterfeit products or fake official documents. Additionally, pharmaceuticals, tobacco (with the exception of anti-smoking campaigns), sex toys and weapons are all prohibited from advertisements on the platform.

In addition, products and services which are questionable in nature or which aim to benefit people are not permitted. Common examples of banned content include tiered marketing programs, cryptocurrencies, and payday loans.

Although some subjects have more leeway; like nudity, political messages, gambling, and CBD; better to avoid them if they have nothing to do with your core business. If so, make sure you have the correct permits from your local government and Facebook to advertise certain products.

2. Bad customer experiences

While you may not be able to please everyone, making everyone bored or angry is sure to raise a red flag on your advertiser profile. A great customer experience is the cornerstone of any great campaign, and Facebook won’t hesitate to cut yours if you don’t meet its standards.

A bad customer experience often stems from a disconnect between your brand, the product or services you sell, and the channels you promote them on. This can take the form of irrelevant content or ignoring customer issues that are directly raised in your ads.

Then the last possible source of bad customer experience is your website or landing page. While this experiment takes place outside of Facebook’s bounds, it does affect the overall reliability of the social media site and could result in a ban.

This is especially true if your site contains malware or promotes illegal or deceptive products.

3. Questionable advertiser profiles

The final reason Facebook bans ad accounts is something a lot of people overlook. Even the most well-meaning advertiser can appear dubious under the right circumstances.

Some common reasons Facebook ad accounts look questionable include not paying for posted ads, not verifying company details, or even appearing to be accessing your account from multiple countries within a short period of time. time due to a VPN.

How to protect your Facebook Ads Manager account

As with most things, prevention is often better than cure. Here are some tips to avoid the headache of a banned Facebook advertiser account.

Follow Facebook guidelines

When it comes to Facebook guidelines, be sure to read both the Advertiser and Community versions. Due to changing government regulations, security changes, and even cultural shifts, Facebook’s guidelines may change without notice at any time.

Before launching a campaign, be sure to read the country and age specific guidelines that may affect it. For example, the sale of products or services such as CBD or gambling is not legal in all areas. Additionally, the sale of products such as alcohol, cosmetic procedures, and supplements will require age restrictions that vary by region.

Provide a great customer experience

Users want a consistent customer experience, which means everything about your interaction with them should make sense. To do this, it is not enough to have relevant advertisements; the ads should also be about your Facebook page and your landing page.

Also, if you’re directing users to an external website, make sure the link works and the landing page is related to the ad that took them there. Make sure your landing pages are SSL certified and free of malware or spyware.

You should also respond to angry comments or quickly remove Facebook ads that attract too much negativity. To help keep user feeds free from blood or violence, Facebook is removing accounts that generate too many negative feelings.

Keeping the customer experience enjoyable is key to an engaged audience, and an engaged audience is more likely to convert. With this, it is important to stay vigilant with the guidelines, to produce great content, and to continue to make customers happy. If you take it to heart, keeping your ad account in good standing should be natural.

Create a trustworthy advertiser profile

Finally, create a trustworthy advertising account. To do this, you need to verify your business through Facebook Business Manager and apply for a whitelist if you are in a regulated industry.

Additionally, avoid using VPNs when accessing your ad account so that the account displays a consistent location. Always keep your payment methods up to date and pay your advertising account bills on time.

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Protect your Facebook advertising account

While banning your ad account will negatively impact you, it’s good to remember that Facebook is doing it to keep the platform safe for users and brands. Temporarily banning suspicious accounts can protect you from crooks, hackers, and people looking to ruin your brand.

While moderation of content presents some hurdles, building a healthy community requires protecting its users from malicious intent. While Facebook doesn’t always do things right, they often do what it thinks is best.

For every real advertiser banned each day, thousands more questionable accounts are deleted for the benefit of all. If you find that your ad account is regularly compromised, this may well be a sign that you should consider advertising on another platform.

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