3 apps that will stop your Android phone from overheating

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If your phone gets too hot, it can shorten battery life, damage hardware, or worse. These three apps can help prevent it.

High temperatures kill smartphones, melting the solder that connects the components, distorting the screen and draining battery capacity. On a hot day, you might get out of the pool to find your phone battery smoldering in a puddle of glass and plastic.

Fortunately, there are apps that can help prevent it. Here are three apps that alert you when your Android’s battery temperature reaches unsafe levels.

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Why do phones overheat?

Before looking at the apps, you might be wondering why can’t you just trust the thermal shutdown feature built into Android itself?

A thermal shutdown occurs when the phone’s operating system begins to have problems functioning due to heat damage. Soon after, the phone automatically shuts off in response to fried circuitry and melted connections that prevent it from accessing the data it needs to function.

In other words, by the time a thermal shutdown occurs, your phone has already been damaged and is trying to protect itself from other issues.

It does not prevent all damage and does not protect an unattended phone that gets hot due to its surroundings. For example, a phone sitting on a windowsill will continue to cook in magnified sunlight even after the power is turned off.

How to use Android cooling apps

The normal operating temperature of a smartphone ranges between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (20-30 degrees Celsius). It is the same between android and iPhones, but some methods of cooling an overheated iOS device are different.

It is best to keep your phone running at the lower end of this range, between 68-73 Fahrenheit (20-25 Celsius) and set alerts two degrees above the device’s normal charging temperature. . You should also avoid charging your phone overnight to avoid any trouble when you cannot monitor your device.

Unlike thermal shutdown, these apps allow you to customize your phone’s temperature preferences.

1. Cooling Master – Phone cooler – CPU heat minimizer

Cooling master

Cooling Master is an app that can alert you to the temperature of your phone. Highly customizable, this app allows you to set the alert temperature and you can equip alerts with sound and animation that make them hard to ignore. It also scans your apps and stops the biggest battery eaters.

It also gives live wellbeing and temperature data from your battery. In addition, it monitors the current capacity of the processor, which can become slow when overheated, and offers tips to avoid heat damage.

Download: Cooling Master – Phone Cooler – CPU Heat Minimizer (free)

2. Battery temperature

Battery temperature
Battery temperature

This streamlined app helps you know your phone’s temperature at all times by adding the temperature in the notification bar, next to the time. Since an overcharged battery is the number one cause of heat damage, this is a great addition.

You can also set a custom temperature to receive an overheating warning and customize the size of the notification to make it harder to ignore. This app also includes information on heat damage and prevention.

Download: Battery temperature (free and premium version available)

3. Cooling Master – Free phone cooler, best processor

CPU Cooler Master-Phone Cooler
CPU Cooler Master-Phone Cooler

This app offers a good mix of cooldown and monitoring. Cooling Master provides you with a live reading of your phone’s internal temperature, CPU capacity, and RAM usage, so you can see how the current temperature is affecting them.

It also offers alerts at a custom threshold and stops apps that are running unnoticed in the background rather than those that are open.

Download: Cooling Master – Phone Cooler Free, CPU Better (free, subscription available)

Benefits of using a temperature alert app

By increasing the temperature awareness of your Android phone and getting an alert before the heat starts to cause damage, you can improve your battery life, preserve your data, and learn better habits to protect. your material.

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It’s also worth trying to figure out why your phone is overheating in the first place and how you can shut it down. After all, prevention is better than cure!

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