12 best relaxation apps for Android and iOS

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At this time, we are all busy taking care of home, work or study and much more. But what about taking care of your body and mind? Well, sometimes we all need a moment for our peace of mind. You might feel that you need a break from this fast-paced life to just relax and unwind. To relax, you can use perfect relaxing apps on your Android and iOS device.

Fortunately, there are many relaxing apps that help you relax and meditate. In this article, I have listed the 12 best relaxation apps available for Android and iOS, they can help you reduce your anxiety and stress. You can use any app to relax for a few moments during your busy schedule.

So here are the top 12 best relaxation apps, which can help you feel stress free and relax for a few moments during your busy schedule.

  • Calm

    Let’s start this list with a feature-rich relaxing app, which offers a large collection of guided meditations. The quiet app has a clean and simple user interface. Plus, it offers guided meditations that start from 3 to 25 minutes. So that you can choose any medication according to your schedule.

    Along with this, this health coach app offers free basic courses. but if you are looking for advanced meditations then you need to pay a subscription. The basic plan starts from $ 9.99 per month.

    Moreover, in the premium subsection starting at $ 14.99, you will get a lot of advanced features. Includes sleeping pills, daily calm reflections, exclusive music tracks, masterclasses, and medication.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Meditation and relaxation music

    This app will help you find your inner peace. you can meditate with calm music, binaural rhythms and natural sound. It has a large library of natural and peaceful sounds. They will help you with relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and sleep.

    However, this relaxing app also offers meditation reminders and timers. This will ensure that the music automatically stops when you fall asleep. You can also use the offline download feature of this meditation app .

    In addition, the meditation and relaxation music app offers more than 70 different sounds as well as 6 different brain waves. So now you can practice breathing exercises with relaxing sounds.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Mindfulness app

    Another best app that offers a solid introduction to various guided meditations. The mindfulness app allows users to access it for free. There is a 5 day course available with various meditation guides from 3 to 30 minutes. This relaxing app includes full notifications and you can customize your meditation timers as well. You can also use it as anger management apps for tips on dealing with your anger.

    Additionally, there is a premium package available which gives the user access to a large library of over 250 guided meditations. These drugs are specially designed to relieve stress and focus. This app also allows the user to access offline courses. so that you can relax while doing your favorite exercise even without the internet.

    However, you have to pay $ 9.99 per month to use the mindfulness app.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Free space

    Unlike other drug applications, headspace works to provide science-based meditation techniques. At first you can access the free introductory course, after you finish it you can get some preliminary advice. To access the additional courses, you must pay a subscription. This stress relief app also offers guided meditations in additional classes.

    I really like its tracking features, to track your mood. Headspace also allows the user to download the guided meditations so that you can learn offline as well. You have to pay $ 12.99 for a monthly subscription or $ 94.99 per year.

    Also, if you buy a subscription, you can unlock a lot of advanced features. as a complete meditation library and all headspace content. You can explore various topics in this app such as focus, sleep and exercise.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Atmosphere

    Are you a nature lover? If yes then the atmosphere app is the best option to relax, meditate, sleep or just feel nature. It allows you to enjoy a wide variety of nature sounds, categorized into various environments.

    Moreover, it allows you to create a combination of your favorite sounds like meditation, yoga, sleep, overcoming anxiety and relieving stress. If you want to stimulate your mind, just play the isochronous tones and binaural beats. it will help you reduce your stress as well as stimulate creativity.

    In the long run, if you are looking for an app that brings you the sounds of nature, then the atmosphere is perfect for you.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Breathe

    As the name itself describes what this app does, the Breath app helps you focus and relax to live a stress free life. This breathing app works in 3 different ways including equal breathing, box breathing, and 4-7-8 breathing.

    All these techniques are well known and used by experts during meditation classes. In addition to these techniques, it offers many wonderful features, such as freediving tests to track your freediving ability.

    Moreover, you can also set notifications if you want breathing reminders. Intuitive graphics help you track your progress.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • 7Spirit

    There is no need to introduce this app as it has already transformed millions of lives. If you want to change your life, this is the best place for you. It offers services that are not compatible with any other meditation app.

    More than that, it not only gives you a stress-free life but also helps you build your self-confidence. 7mind lets you learn medication guided by experts. In addition, the duration of the meditations is also adapted to your daily routine.

    What else? You can also reprogram your mind with this fitness app to think positively. With this app you can learn effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Zen

    Next up is the Zen app, which offers guided meditations to help you control anxiety. If you are looking for a healthy change in your life and balance in your emotional life, you should try the Zen app.

    What I like most is that this app is always adding new features and new content. such as weekly meditation programs to improve mood, deep sleep, stress reduction and anxiety relief and more.

    The Zen app provides Binaural Beating Therapy which is helpful for chakra healing, enhancing intelligence, releasing endorphins, and elevating mood. ASMR audios in this app help you sleep soundly and relax mental messages.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • UrbanYogi

    Get proven mindfulness techniques from healthcare experts with an urban yogi app. This app will help you feel calmer and stress free.

    Because of its effective mediation tips and technique, Urban Yogi is among the best relaxation apps. Guided mediation in this yoga app gives you less anxiety, calmer and more restful experience.

    Along with this, you can get new daily expert guided meditations. Urban Yogi has Sleep Sounds, Nidra Yoga, Sleep Stories, and many more features.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Plum Village

    This app is designed for people looking for meditation advice from Zen Buddhist master. In this stressful world, this app will help you keep calm and peaceful.

    The guidance of the Zen Buddhist master allows you to connect deeply with your present life. It will give you happiness and joy in your life. Plum Village is one of the easy to use apps that offers relaxations, meditations and guided lectures.

    If you want to create a happier future and connect deeply in every moment of your life then you must try this app.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Dare

    Another great and evidence-based app named Dares. this app offers training programs to help you overcome panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia and worry. There is a mood diary function in these relaxing apps, you can use it to track your daily progress.

    Moreover, this app is based on the popular book Dare, which helps people overcome panic attacks and anxiety quickly. The Dare application allows you to download audio guides for free, it will guide you to rebuild your old self-confidence.

    Along with this, there are sleep guides and a collection of medications to combat your insomnia.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • eka

    As we all know, yoga is the best way to cure stress and anxiety. The Eka app helps you develop a daily meditation and yoga habit with its great features. Meditation is essential for mental and emotional health, which is why Eka offers weekly yoga and mediation programs.

    In addition, you can use this training app to practice yoga daily and relax your body. There are various exercises such as breathing or exercising pranayama. To manage your anxiety, this app offers weekly guided meditation programs.

    What else? There is meditation available for sleeping with various practices. This includes affirmations, breathing exercises, and visualizations.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

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