10 Christmas gifts to fall from the tree

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So as not to take a log Christmas, so do your gifts today, don’t wait until the last minute! You will certainly find in our selection of refurbished products the brilliant idea to see one or more faces light up. You still aren’t going to settle for a box of chocolates, are you?

# 1 – unlocked iPhone 8

The iPhone of your dreams at the foot of the tree, don’t you believe it? What if you are told that a iPhone 8 like new, can we do it for less than € 260? But since we tell you it’s Christmas at Back Market! We promise, we do not unlock, even if this smartphone is unlocked.

# 2 – The computer, the golden idea

A MacBook Pro for 2021, that would be really great, right? With a computer like this, you might just be able to stick to some of your great New Year’s resolutions.
33% discount for 13 inches of digital happiness, how not to take advantage of it and give up the old man Paddling PC, makes noise, and annoys you so much?

macbook pro christmas
# 3 – the iPad that doesn’t lack air

Still in the Apple family, I ask for the tablet, perfect to give to dad who finds the computer too complicated and who has too big fingers to surf on his mobile. The perfect compromise that you will be the first to steal from him to watch YouTube on the sofa. Especially one iPad from 109 €, it’s 45% discount. Incredible but true !

ipad christmas
# 4 – Beats headphones

Fans of good sound, hear the good news. Beats headphones wireless providing 40 hours of battery life, you blame it, nephew? With its charge in 5 minutes flat, barely unpacked, and already on the ears! You will be able to spend the whole Christmas dinner next to Uncle Roger without hearing him recount for the 100th time the exhilarating time of his mad youth. Good sound at a nice price, thank you Back Market!

christmas beats headphones
# 5 – Mini Drone, mini price

A Parrot drone to awaken the pilot’s fantasies in each of us, isn’t that a great gift? Drive the neighbor’s dog crazy or beat the record for the tree tower, it’s fun guaranteed inside and out with this ultra compact drone. Controlled with your iOS, Android and Windows smartphone or tablet, it awaits you on the take-off runway at a 56% discount!

christmas drone
# 6 – Raclette fade?

Ah, the raclette machine, perfect to occupy long winter evenings with friends with its 8 pans or two (4 pans each, that does!). Double function with its cooking stone.

christmas raclette machine
# 7 – A Bluetooth speaker to groove with Santa Claus

Here is a gift found that this bluetooth speaker JBL. Take out the mirror balls!

pregnant christmas
# 8 – Selfies aren’t all in life

Even if all smartphones incorporate a camera, the quality is not necessarily there … so for true lovers of beautiful images, the Canon EOS 700D DSLR is the assurance of successful vacation photos.

christmas camera
# 9 – Yum, a robot cooker

The ultra useful gift to take advantage of mom’s culinary talents, or to develop your own! The food processor is perfect for getting started in cooking and baking without spending a fortune. With its multiple accessories, the world of French gastronomy is waiting for you!

christmas food processor
# 10 – The Philips video projector

Yupi, a video projector to spend all Harry Potter on the living room wall during the Christmas holidays! Also perfect for enjoying family movies! From 68 € the beast.

christmas video projector


Content creator at Back Market, he taps the keyboard to analyze the environmental impact of digital technology. In his spare time, he plays apprentice fiction writer, does Kung Fu, and eats five fruits and vegetables a day.

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