10 best free streaming sites (2020)

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The best free streaming sites

Watching Streaming Movies is the most convenient way to entertain yourself without leaving your home. There are hundreds of free movie websites available that you can use to watch movies for free. However, not all of them are good enough. Here are the best free streaming sites in 2020.

  • Streaming Zone
  • Watch movies
  • Vf-stream
  • Streamdown
  • Mamzouka
  • French-stream
  • Watch Movie
  • Complete movie
  • Filmzenstream
  • Full stream

Streaming Zone

best streaming sites

Zone-streaming.fr is one of the best streaming sites. The site is presented as a digital media library that references content available in replay on video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. The proposed content is in high definition and contains feature, medium and short films, shows and VF series. Site navigation is also made very simple thanks to the clean site interface. Zone-streaming.fr is regularly fed by the additions of its administrators and the selection is vast.

Watch movies

best streaming sites

Voirfilms.info is a streaming site that offers series, movies and anime. The content is rather recent even if most of the content is in VOST (Original version with subtitles). This Streaming site mainly focuses on anime and for example, for episodes of Dragon Ball or One Piece, you can find them a few hours after their first broadcast.

The advantage of a streaming site is that you just need a browser and a connection. The site identifies content according to their qualities such as HD, Cam or DVDRip.


Vf-stream.net is another streaming site that stands out for its French content. The other sites also offer films or series streaming in French, but Vf-stream offers a dedicated menu to filter content in French.

On each content, you also have a label that tells you if there is the French dubbing or the subtitle. Vf-stream.net is also very responsive in replacing dead links and this is a problem that happens frequently due to torrent sites being shut down lately.

There is nothing more infuriating than finding the final season of your favorite series and realizing the connection isn’t working.


Without any hesitation, Streamseries.cc will be one of our best streaming sites 2018. One of the reasons is that there is content there that is not available elsewhere.

For example, the Stranger Things series is rated as one of the best of the year, and Streamdown offers all episodes in high definition quality.

The navigation is very intuitive and you can access the different seasons and episodes with a menu on the left. The viewing is also very smooth, as the player has received a complete overhaul. A site to bookmark if you don’t want to miss the latest popular series.


Mamzouka.be is a benchmark site in streaming content. It has been offering films of excellent quality for several years.

It also offers a QR Code for quickly viewing content on a tablet or smartphone. When you launch a movie or series, you will usually have 2 links under the player titled Watch HD or Download.

Do not click on them, because they are purely advertising links. This is a small downside for this site, because Internet users can be fooled, but otherwise the categories are numerous, the streaming films are very recent and the fluidity is optimal even on mobile.


French-stream.co also deserves a place of choice among the best streaming sites 2018. We especially appreciate its navigation which allows you to search for films and series by genre such as science fiction, horror, action, etc.

You have 3 possible filters with HD content, standard or the original versions with subtitles. Another thing we like is that French-stream offers 4 different players. Indeed, a streaming site will use different players so that it is compatible with all browsers and devices.

If one drive crashes, then the other drive will take over and pick up where the first drive failed. Very useful. Since the site is very busy, you also have review scores to quickly determine if the streaming is okay.

Watch Movie

Voirfilm.pro is one of those best streaming sites 2018 that stands out with a very clean interface, but above all, there are few ads. Indeed, you will have to undergo many advertisements which explains the boom of these platforms, but seeing the film remains correct in most cases. In many sites you will see a video ad from Dailymotion, but you can skip it very quickly. The content on voirfilm is not the most extensive, but the quality is exceptional.

The site only offers streaming movies, but it’s either high definition or Blu ray quality. The reader sometimes struggled for the quality in Blu Ray, but this is still acceptable.

Complete movie

While many of the best streaming sites 2018 focus on the latest streaming series and hot movies, Filmcomplet.la has chosen to offer older content.

There is recent content, but this is the only site in our comparison where we found a dedicated category for documentaries. And these are documentaries that are not broadcast on a large scale and that allows us to come across some real nuggets. Most of the content is in French.

To be honest, Filmcomplet is our favorite in this review and it will make you happy if you are fond of rare high quality content.

We feel that the site team carefully chooses its content and that everything is not automated.


Filmzenstream.com offers fairly standard categories with movies and series, but we were won over by its browsing options.

This streaming site offers sub-sections for each genre, you can filter according to the year of release of the movie and you can also choose according to the quality such as 720P, HD or DVD quality.

This is impressive, because these options don’t look good, but they are essential in a streaming site that can offer thousands of content.

However, the site interface seemed a bit dark to us and it is unreadable in some cases. But otherwise, it remains an excellent streaming site for movies, because for series, the catalog is quite poor.

Full stream

best streaming sites

The slogan of the Streamcomplet.me site could be: Click and enjoy! The interface is very minimal. You click on a movie or a streaming serie and it starts immediately.

Very little latency and the site gets to the point. Despite its simplicity, Streamcomplet offers subcategories such as music for live concerts, comedies or action.

It doesn’t perform as well as Filmzenstream for search, but it’s the best streaming site 2018 because it’s the easiest to use in our entire review.

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