1.3 TB of courses and training to start a good activity on the internet

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It is not a question of starting an activity on the internet as a Freelancer on behalf of others but to work for oneself and to earn a living without the stress and the daily pressure of a boss or under the bad atmosphere between colleagues.

To realize this dream and live independent and financially free with a stable salary against only a few hours of work, you have to learn and master all the tools and means essential to work and have an income through the internet.

You have to master several techniques, several platforms or even several programming languages ​​and most important of all, you have to have time and patience at the beginning.

What training to follow to start a successful internet business

Nothing is easy when faced with a variety of domains and platforms with great potential on the internet, and the most difficult is the choice! Choose in which field to start your activity on the internet, and especially what training to follow without wasting a lot of time and money before starting.

The areas and tools to earn money on the net and have a stable income and a good salary are multiple, I will give you for example e-commerce in general, the affiliation domain that I operate myself to monetize the techcroute.com site, the domain of Cryptocurrency, Amazon FBA or sale via Amazon, Dropshipping like via Prestashop, Shopify or via Amazon or Ebay, tools like Emailing, Bots like Messenger Bot, the use of platforms and social networks to prospect and sell quickly like Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Adsense to monetize your content, blog and websites and finally content marketing and optimization of content for search engines (SEO).

So and as you have noticed from the few examples, the fields and the tools are multiple and to train it takes a fortune on the side, but you are in luck if you are here to spot online training, courses and tools before starting the activity on the internet!

A collection of 1.3 TB of courses and training to start a business on the internet

By digging a little in the web through the Google search engine, the friend of anyone lost in this great jungle of the net, I found a collection of 1.3 TB of courses and training around all that we have mentioned above and in web marketing, the whole is estimated to be well over $ 1000. This is a file uploaded by strangers on the MEGA site and accessible for free download for everyone and without restriction.

Please note, this is 1.3 TB of courses and training, before trying to recover this file available at the time of writing this article, first test your connection speed and speed to find out if it’s worth it or it will take years to download all the content 😉

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